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 - Kotb Home Is The Brand Owned By Successors Ibrahim Kotb Company Which Was Established In The Year 1982 As A Pioneer In Casual Glassware And Tableware Fields.

 - Kotb Home Is Pioneer In Bringing The Latest Designs And Ideas To The Egyptian Market Through Their Understanding Of The Market Needs As Well As Keeping Updated With The Latest Trends.

 - Kotb Home Provides Their Customers With A Unique Quality Of Service As Well As The Sets Of Chosen Products To Reach Their Customers Allover Egypt

 - Kotb Home Rely On The Long Relations Established With The Retailers And The Wholesalers As Well As The Modern Trade Coverage Which Is Serviced By Their Dedicated Distribution Fleet  .



تاسست شركة ابراهيم قطب للاستيراد والتصدير عام 1982 وتم تغيير الشكل القانونى لتصبح شركة خلفاء ابراهيم قطب للاستيراد والتصدير .


تمتلك الشركة اكبر واوسع تشكيل للادوات المنزلية واحتياجات البيت الحديث من ثم تمتلك الشركة مكانة وتاريخ كبير وخبره فى السوق المصرى .


وتحتل الشركة مكانة عريقه فى السوق المصرى حيث اثبتت مصداقيتها فى التعاملات التجارية وكذلك تتميز بافضل الاسعار واكبر تشكيل من المنتجات العالمية.

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